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It has been done before.


I’m just a simple guy who wants to be the best at what he’s doing. It’s very much like become a professional gamer, I just don’t do it in games, I do it behind the screens. Every now and then I quickly walk out of the backstage to get a drink, but no cameras for me please.


From my bedroom, where else?
No of course not, we’re not in the stone ages anymore where gamers make their money from their parents bedroom, I work at 4Entertainment in Belgium as the guy that they call “Streaming Lord”

… What?

Broadcasting of course! What else? I love games, I love esports, I love technology, I love lists (not as much as the rest). I choose to dedicate my life to something more than good food and whisky, I choose to dedicate it to esports and gaming broadcasting.

> 200


> 500


> 130


I write. Did you know that?

Every now and then, I spend the very little extra time I have to write a bit about stuff I like. Think about hardware, software, why are we on this earth, whisky, how to make a proper rare-medium-rare steak and esports.

Dive in head first.

Follow me. On the blue bird mainly.

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